About Us

MTC Transformers was founded in 1985 by two transformer engineers in Wytheville, Virginia. Our company began manufacturing and repairing small dry-type transformers for various industrial, utility, and OEM customers. We became known for our strong technical capability, flexible product offerings, and responsive customer service.

Over the next decade, the company flourished under the leadership of the present owner and management team. We moved our manufacturing operations to an 80,000 sq. ft. facility in Wytheville, Virginia. MTC Transformers developed products for many specialty dry-type transformer applications and services for on-site dry-type rewind markets. In 2006, we added a Sales and Marketing office with specialized Engineer Support in Roanoke, Virginia to better serve our clients. Most recently, the company was acquired by Schaffner Group providing additional resources and expertise to continue our outstanding growth.

Today, we employ over 100 skilled transformer craftsmen, technicians, engineers, and support personnel. We know transformers. However, we have multiple capabilities — from dry-type power transformers to assist utilities in upgrading their aging electrical equipment infrastructure, to small 1 KVA shipboard MIL specification isolation transformers built to 1940s vintage drawings, to the design of 4 MW traction-duty transformers for the world's largest transit authorities, to the logistics of rewinding a failed dry-type transformer on site on the 37th story of a downtown office building. We understand the applications and can design and supply the solution.

Changing our corporate name and logo in April 2008 from Magnetic Technologies Corporation to MTC Transformers, reflected our image as a world-class supplier of transformers and associated services. Improvements to our business structure, combined with our commitment to the industry and founding values, ensures that the people, plant, and equipment resources are available to handle our increasing business and customer base.