Dry-Type Transformer Rewind

Rewind Capabilities

MTC’s rewind service capabilities include:

  • Dry- type rewinds for all sizes are available. The range includes 600V class specialty machine tool transformers up to 10 MVA, 35 KV class power transformers.
  • Our on-site dry-type rewind program is designed for projects with limited or difficult access to the transformer.

MTC Transformers can provide a solution when you experience the failure of a dry-type transformer or other magnetic device. Disposal of the failed unit is no longer your only option. Enduring lead times of six months or more for new units and solving the problem of different dimensions and termination locations is no longer necessary. MTC Transformers is your answer.

MTC Transformers has been rewinding dry-type transformers and magnetics since 1985. No device is too large, too small, or too strange. As raw material costs have risen and environmentally responsible green initiatives have gained importance, transformer rewinds have become an even more viable option today.

Consider the following:

  • The rewound unit exactly fits the original space, and electrical connections are the same.
  • MTC Transformers upgrades the rewound unit by using current design techniques and materials, often resulting in increased capacity, greater efficiency, and lower temperature rises. In addition, the unit carries a new product warranty.
  • Your disposal costs are eliminated. We reuse the core and recycle the coil material. This makes a transformer rewind an easy choice for environmental considerations.
  • Cost and time savings are realized.

Call us to discuss your particular situation – our quotes are provided within 24 hours of your call.